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Fukuoka isn’t that little of a spot. Genuine numbers carry the populace to about the 5 million imprint, with the city having generally 1.3 million individuals. With that measure of individuals around, you realize there must be something to do. On anytime assuming you look you will actually want to track down something that intrigues you. There are frequently celebrations in some space in Fukuoka city. With a little assistance from a companion or the homegrown outsider magizines and data focuses you will actually want to discover where the celebrations are being held.

The focal point of Fukuoka city should be Tenjin (however others might contend it to be Hakata). It is the customers shelter of the prefecture. Feel you really want to do a little looking for a few decent named brands from Italy or France? head on over to Tenjin. Need to vent and hit a bar (counting outsider bars)? Tenjin is the spot to be. need to meet a few new companions? Rainbow Plaza in… you got it, Tenjin, is the spot to do exactly that.

Right nearby to Tenjin is Nakasu. Nakasu has nightlife diversion yet will in general take care of the more well-off person. In any case, Nakasu likewise has a colossal shopping complex named Canal City which has so many shops that you wouldn’t have the option to count them all. The complicated holds numerous eateries, two inns, a huge film and in the focal point of Canal City is a region called Sun Plaza where it is normal to observe road entertainers doing their demonstrations.

Obviously Tenjin and Nakasu aren’t the main spot you can have some good times. I live around 10 minutes from Tenjin by tram in a town called 日本水果 Nishijin and I can do almost as numerous things here as I can in Tenjin. Bowling, swimming, soccer, billards, game focuses, and, surprisingly, a cinema are only a couple of the things Nishijin and the close by region brings to the table.

Yippee Dome (previously Fukuoka Dome) is situated in Momochi which visitors the ocean. Hurray Dome is home to the Fukuoka Softbank Hawks. The Hawks are a solid ball club, cherished by the city and its occupants. Truth be told, there are just two groups in Japan’s proficient baseball association who draw in more than 1,000,000 fans to their home games each year, and the Hawks are one of them. At the point when the Hawks don’t have a home game you can some of the time observe different exercises happening in the Dome. Yippee Dome has different swap meets and shows consistently.

Food, food, food!

Taking everything into account, Fukuoka brings the best food to the table in all of Japan (however I hear food in Sapporo is very great). Fukuoka has its own notable dishes and obviously the culinary specialists here are well equipped for reproducing dishes found all through the world.


Whenever night starts to fall on Fukuoka city you may out of nowhere notice numerous little road merchants (generally working out of their vans) springing up all around the walkways. These sellers serve an assortment of food sources going from ramen to yakiniku to tempura. Yatais themselves are actually a site to see.

Hard Rock Cafe Fukuoka

On the events when I miss American and Mexican food, I generally have the choice to head on over to Hard Rock Cafe right nearby to Fukuoka arch in Momochi. Momochi is adjoining Nishijin so to be sure I am fortunate. Hard Rock Cafe Fukuoka brags the biggest café its benevolent in Japan. The food is awesome and obviously the air resembles any remaining Hard Rock Cafes out there. The staff is agreeable and since I continuous their foundation frequently I am dealt with incredibly well with infrequent advantages.


However not just found in Fukuoka, Izakaya eateries merit a remarkable notice. Izakayas offer a wide assortment of food and all the more significantly drinks at a low cost. College understudies also as money managers can frequently be found in these eateries talking with partners and drinking up a tempest. All Izakayas offer an alternate feel, and with some looking through you will actually want to find one that suits you.